Breaking the News: When Workers Lose Their Exempt Status

It won’t be a picnic telling a worker who has long been salaried, never had to punch a time card and often worked after hours that all that’s going to change. But when the U.S. Department of Labor publishes its final overtime rule (which happened May 18; see SHRM Online’s FLSA Overtime Rule Resource page for full details), employers …read more

Independent Contractor Versus Employee

Every employer must face and resolve the question of whether its labor force is comprised of employees or independent contractors. Misclassifying employees in the wrong category has significant and dire consequences. Failing to properly classify workers subjects an employer to civil penalties, class actions, fines and the assessment of back taxes, among other consequences. Additional …read more

7 Strategies for Keeping Employees Happy at Work

Here’s a good problem to have: You have an amazing team of employees. You value them for their unique skills and abilities to move your company and its purpose to heights that were once not even imaginable. But just because your employees are talented and high-achieving doesn’t mean they have high morale. Besides increasing their …read more

Supreme Court Broadens First Amendment Protection

The Supreme Court added another layer of constitutional protection to public employees’ political expression on April 26, ruling that the First Amendment protects a worker who was demoted over a misperception about his political leanings. The decision is a good reminder, especially in an election year, that public employers should not take action against employees …read more